Involvement principles

Our tenant participation team work to support eight main involvement principles.

Open information

Tenants receive regular newsletters, you also have, on request, access to information on all housing matters. The only exceptions to this are matters that involve statutory legal duties or information that is confidential. We want people to have the information they need to give fully informed views on the service they receive.

Tenants decide their own depth and degree of involvement

We would like to see tenants involved at all levels, and in everything we do. But what you get involved in and how you get involved is up to you.

Everything in housing is open to influence

We have certain statutory legal duties and, occasionally, things are confidential. Beyond this, if something is of interest, tenants can get involved. There are no topics or services that are off limits. While we have a specialist tenant participation team, all sections and staff in the housing service have important roles in the partnership with tenants.

Early enough influence

We aim to start talking together before issues have been decided. Members of the tenants' forum will have the opportunity to influence issues at the earliest stage, before any formal decisions are made.

Getting everyone involved

We want everyone to have a chance to take part and take steps to encourage people, who, so far, are not properly represented amongst the people currently involved. We want to remove barriers that can slow or prevent the participation of -

  • young people
  • young families
  • gay or lesbian couples
  • transgender people
  • members of black or minority ethnic and faith communities
  • people with disabilities or with caring responsibilities

We have schemes to help people with any expenses incurred as a result of participation we can go to them and we can organise road shows and events in the community.

Demonstrating that everyone's views have been taken into account and providing feedback

Local people need to know what happens next. We provide feedback verbally, by letter or in print. It is impossible to please everyone all of the time, but we provide the outcome of consultations.

Planning for successful involvement - and keeping plans on track

Tenants and the housing service make and monitor joint plans. We want involvement to have an impact. Volunteers must feel their time and efforts are usefully spent.