Medical priorities for rehousing

If you have a medical condition or disability and your current accommodation does not meet your needs, you can apply for a medical priority. If awarded, this gives you a higher priority for rehousing on our housing list.

A medical priority is awarded when you have a medical condition or disability and your current accommodation does not meet your medical needs. If your current home meets your medical needs but you need to move for another reason, we will not award a medical priority.

Medical priorities can be awarded in the following circumstances.

Physical difficulty managing in your home

If you are having physical difficulty managing in your home due to a medical condition or disability.  We take into account your ability to reach your bedroom, bathroom or toilet, any requirements for the treatment of your condition and health and safety requirements.

You need adapted housing

If you have been assessed by an occupational therapist as needing adapted housing and your current accommodation does not meet your needs.

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Rehousing on mental health grounds

If you have a mental health condition we can consider awarding a medical priority in exceptional circumstances where your current accommodation is unsuitable and is having a detrimental effect on your mental health. A priority is only awarded where housing significantly improves your mental health and we usually require information in support of your request from any professional(s) involved in your care.

Rehousing on learning disability grounds

If you have a learning disability and rehousing would improve your wellbeing. We usually require information from any professionals supporting you to explain how rehousing would help you.

Apply for a medical priority

Please contact HomeSearch to discuss your particular circumstances and we can advise you of what you need to do to apply for a medical priority.  You can contact us on 01482 300300 or by email on .

Medical priority awards, bidding and refusing offers

If you are awarded a medical priority you are placed into band B on the housing list. Usually a medical priority is awarded for a type of property (for example, accommodation all on one level). 

It is important that you bid for the property type your medical priority has been awarded for as any bids you place for other property types are not considered.  It is also important that you only bid for properties that you are really interested in.

If you are offered two properties which meet your needs and you refuse them (or fail to respond to us when we try and contact you about a property) your priority will be removed.  If you refuse two offers within a six month period your housing application will be frozen for six months, so please choose your bids carefully and make sure you tell us if your contact details have changed.

I have been turned down for a medical priority

If you wish to appeal against the decision you should do so in writing, within one month of the date of the decision letter. You must include additional information and evidence in support of your appeal to enable HomeSearch to review the decision. All appeals should be sent to the HomeSearch Team

Why has my medical priority been remove? Can I appeal?

Priorities are awarded in order for you to be re-housed quickly. Therefore, if you have refused two offers of accommodation which meet the medical priority award, or you have not bid for any properties since your priority was awarded, we may remove it. You can appeal against the removal of your priority. You need to put your appeal in writing to the HomeSearch Team explaining why you disagree with our decision.

If you are unable to resolve your query with the above information please contact the HomeSearch team by completing the form below and they will contact you to discuss your query.