New house allocation in regeneration areas

The new build properties in regeneration areas are allocated following a set of guidelines. This is to make sure the nomination process is fair and it gives people who wish to stay in the area the chance to do so.

Priority Where you live
1 In a current phase of  acquisition for demolition
2 In a next phase of acquisition for demolition
3 In other demolition phases
4 In the local regeneration area
5 In the ward
6 Elsewhere in Hull

If you wish to be considered for a new build property then please contact the Renewals team or visit your local customer service centre or information point. We provide support and advice to those affected by our regeneration plans. We give you help to find a new home, making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We also explain the available financial support.

If you are in an acquisition for demolition phase then your Housing Liaison Officer helps you through the process of applying for the properties. One to one meetings are arranged with you to discuss your rehousing options in more detail nearer the time when your home is due to be acquired (bought) and you are supported by the same officer throughout the process.

It doesn't matter who is building the properties (our partners), if they are for rent or sale as part of our regeneration plans then if you are affected by the demolition programme you are given priority for these. 

More information on applying for a new home

Find you nearest customer service centre or information point