Regeneration payments for homeowners and tenants

If your home is being purchased under a housing regeneration programme, you will be offered a package of compensation and support. We will contact you to discuss your eligibility for these payments and the conditions that apply. We will provide support and advice throughout the process.

If you have lived in your home continuously for at least 12 months you could receive home loss compensation. You receive this payment two to three weeks after you have vacated the property. It is usually paid by cheque, but arrangements can be made to pay it directly into your bank account if you prefer.

If you are a homeowner, you will be offered the current market value of your property, and a payment to cover all reasonable legal and surveying costs relating to the sale and purchase of a replacement home.

The current level of compensation is:

  •  £6,100 for tenants
  •  £6,100 or 10 per cent of the value of your home - whichever is greater for homeowners
  • reasonable legal costs

If you are a homeowner you could receive £250 towards the cost of independent financial advice.

For reasonable moving costs a disturbance payment might be made, this could include -

  • removals
  • redirection of mail
  • refitting of carpets
  • reconnection of telephones
  • the connection and disconnection of appliances

Moving costs can only be paid once you have moved out of your existing home. You must produce original receipts or invoices to claim the money back. The cost of purchasing new items is not included. 

We fill in the claim form for these costs when we meet with you to support you through the process.

Visit the GOV.UK website for more information about compensation to owners and occupiers