Private housing improvements

We have a programme of improvements for privately owned homes including external solid wall insulation and frontage improvements for private homes in some prioritised areas.

Once surveys are completed, letters are sent out inviting owners to sign up. A detailed schedule of the work proposed for each property is included in the letter.

Each property takes between six to eight weeks to complete.

Private Sector Improvements 2015-2018

The 2010/11 Area Action Plan (AAP)identified many private sector areas for possible improvements costing about £10m. With limited funding available Granville, Walliker, Tyne, Ribble, Dee, Estcourt and Stirling Streets along with their associated court terraces were prioritised to receive improvements. These have now been completed.

Priority Neighbourhoods - Frontage Improvements 2018-2021

The following streets were approved in 2017 as a priority for future work subject to securing the necessary funding: Arthur Street, Bachelor Street, Chomley Street, Conway Close, Cromer Street, Dene Street, Devon Street, Division Road, Dorset Street, Essex Street, Folkstone Street, Gloucester Street, Hampshire Street, Hereford Street, Huntington Street, Jesmond Gardens, Kings Bench Street, Lorraine Street, Mayfield Street, Monmouth Street, Morrill Street, Nicholson Street, Sculcoates Lane, Sherburn Street, St Leonard's Road, St MAtthew's Street, Tunis Street, Victor Street, Perry Street, Rosmead Street, Ruskin Street, Sefton Street, Wells Street, Zetland Street.

In 2018 the council agreed to start a three year programme of frontage improvement work to five of these including court terraces - 

Folkestone Street

  • Dover Crescent
  • Fern Grove
  • Alma Avenue
  • Linden Grove
  • Pemperton Gardens
  • Hornsea Villas
  • Folkestone Avenue
  • Saltburn Avenue
  • Hastings Avenue

Sculcoates Lane 

  • Maye Grove
  • Granville Grove
  • Devon Grove
  • Granville Villas

Ruskin & Perry Street - includes external wall insulation 

  • Laurel Grove
  • Park Avenue
  • Brentwood Villas


Conway Close - includes external wall insulation 

The detail of improvements will be provided in a schedule sent to the owners for signing prior to the commencement of any work.  Letters inviting sign up including the schedule are expected to be issued in the summer this year.  Surveyors will be reviewing properties to assess the works from summer this year and start on site at this time is anticipated to be Autumn/Winter 2019.

The works will consist of 

  • replacement boundary walls and railings 
  • bay aprons
  • footpaths (gate to door) for those properties that have front gardens 
  • replacement of court terrace footpaths
  • drainage 
  • renewal of rainwater goods including fascias, gutters and fall-pipes to the fronts of properties
  • the painting of wooden windows and doors and renewing of existing painting brickwork and render (where appropriate) to the front of properties and some sides if prominent on the street.

Some minor repair work may also be undertaken where necessary.  Other items will be discussed when on site such as communal gates, street clean operations, street lighting and communal terrace walls.


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