CV / Employability Skills

This programme has been designed to help a young person build their CV, increase self-confidence, and improve understanding of the need for a CV and the skills which employers are looking for. It is delivered by intervention staff on a one to one basis.

The aims of the CV workshop sessions are to –

  • help the young people understand the importance and role of a CV
  • identify positive elements of CV’s as well as things to avoid
  • help the young people review their own CV
  • understand how to tailor a CV to a specific job advert

Once a young person has taken part in these sessions they should be able to –

  • review a CV and identify some areas that it could be improved
  • identify key words in a job advert
  • know how to change a CV to meet different requirements

On completion of the programme a referral could be made to further agencies who can provide additional support with employment or education.