Education Training Employment

Education and Training is really important so that you can achieve a good job that enables you to live a happy life and fulfilling life. We want to make sure that you are supported and are able to concentrate on getting the right qualifications and skills to progress into employment and have a range of offers to help you achieve your goals.

The Family Business

We want to use the full potential of the council to provide you with a range of different opportunities to develop your skills and move towards employment. Hull City Council provides a range of services and employs lots of people in many different areas. We have been working on an initiative to use the council like a ‘Family Business’ and as good corporate parents we want to provide you with opportunities to experience different fields of work and then offer you the option to focus on an area you find interesting, with the hope that we can set you off on your chosen career path.

We are working with partners in the council to provide things like work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships and jobs and will support you to identify a pathway to employment so that you can move forward positively with your life.

Your Personal Adviser will talk with you to make a referral to our working group around Education, Training and Employment to assess where you are, identify where you would like to be and support you to get there. There are a range of incentives and different types of support to help you on your way. If there are any barriers for you like finances or a lack of skills we need to hear about them so that we can try to overcome them.