Types of housing available

Private rented

Private rented homes can offer lots of different types and sizes homes in Hull. It can be quicker to get a home that is rented privately as there are no waiting lists. 

You can find a private rented home by looking on the internet and searching for 'private landlords' or 'letting agents in Hull'. You could also visit a local letting agent for more information and homes to rent.  

Accreditation Schemes for Landlords

The Hull Accredited Landlord Scheme is for landlords and managing agents. It's used to look for and promote good property standards, good management practices and responsible tenants.

You can find out which landlords in Hull are part of the Accreditation Scheme

There are also other web sites that may help you to find a home to rent-





Help with a bond or deposit

If you're homeless or threatened with homelessness we may be able to help you with a bond or deposit.

Council housing

You can apply for a Council home through our Homesearch Scheme.

To register on our housing list you need to complete an application form and provide proof of your circumstances.

Once the form has been processed you can bid for properties (bidding does not involve any money, you are just showing your interest in a property).

You can find out more about applying for a council house and the housing register. 

Register for a Council home

Housing associations

There are homes to rent from housing associations (registered providers). You can find out more about these housing associations and how to get on their housing register.

Housing association list 

You can approach individual housing associations directly and apply to join their waiting list.
Some housing associations advertise through the council’s choice based letting scheme and HomeSearch will provide nominations to housing associations for some available properties. If you register with HomeSearch you will be able to bid for available hosing association properties advertised through the scheme.

Supported accommodation and support in your home

There are a number of services that deliver support and accommodation including short stay assessment units, supported accommodation and support offered to you in your home. If you need somewhere to stay for the night you may be able to stay in a Hostel.

To access a hostel space you need a SPOC referral to be made by the Housing Options team at the Wilson Centre. The SPOC referral form can be completed by a Housing Options Officer or a professional that is supporting you and knows your circumstances, who then can send it to Housing Options. There may be a waiting list for the Hostels so your referral could be placed on the waiting lists and you will be considered when a place becomes available.

The aim of supported accommodation is to provide you with short to medium term accommodation that provides access to support and advice when you need it. The purpose is to help you become more independent and develop the skills needed to live and manage in your own home. If you would like more information about this please fill in our online form or call us on (01226) 773 870.

Floating support

'Floating support' is a community-based support service which helps people with a range of needs to help manage their tenancy and prevent homelessness. If you would like more information about this please fill in our online form or call us

We can refer customers into appropriate services based on assessed needs. An assessment of need will be based on the information provided by you, and/or other professionals working with you, and will help to identify what options may be most suitable.

Shared ownership and other low cost home ownership

If you're working but can't afford to buy a home or don't have a deposit saved, there are other options available to help you to own your own home. You can find out more information at Help to Buy

Duty to refer

Public bodies have a duty to refer people they consider may be homeless or are likely to become homeless within 56 days.

More about the duty to refer, and making a referral link to duty to refer referral and alert system