Residents parking permit Stadium only

A residents parking permit costs £22 a year. Day permits known as scratch cards can also be bought these are for use by visitors or tradespeople. Up to 10 cards may be purchased each month. Proof of residency is required when purchasing a scratch card. The cost of a scratch card is currently 75p.

To show that you are a resident and own the vehicle concerned you must include with your application -

  • a copy of the DVLA registration documents for your vehicle, with your name and address
  • a copy of proof of your residency at the given address (for example, your current domestic council tax statement)
  • Payment can be made using cash, debit/credit card or alternatively a cheque or postal order made payable to “Hull City Council" for the permit cost.

As a stadium, resident you may also have up to two Visitors Permits, these are charged at £22 each

Residents of a Stadium Zone who held a permit for a specific vehicle i.e. not a Visitor Permit on 31/10/2014 are entitled to have a permit without charge. The form below applies for this privilege.

If your case is at the Bailiff please contact them direct or alternatively contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre on  0300 123 1059 or 01604 619 450 and quote your PCN reference number

If your query relates to  payments made today please contact The Cash and Banking Department on 01482 300300 and quote your PCN reference number