Parking Permits

Residents of a controlled parking zone can apply for parking permits at an appropriate library or by downloading an application form and sending it along with the copies of the necessary documents and payment to the Parking Department.

The following libraries can issue parking permits -

  • Avenues Library
  • Bransholme Library
  • Central Library
  • Fred Moore Library
  • Greenwood Library
  • Ings Library
  • Western Library

Residents parking permits for all zones other than a stadium zone

Stadium zones permit for residents of a stadium zone

Business parking permit for all parking zones

City Centre permit for those living in the immediate centre of the city where pay and display parking rules apply

Parking exemption permits (PEPs) for tradespeople who need to park close to a place where they are working

Zone Q business permit – this is mainly an industrial zone, residents of Zone Q should apply for a Residents parking permit, see above

If your case is at the Bailiff please contact them direct or alternatively contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre on  0300 123 1059 or 01604 619 450 and quote your PCN reference number

If your query relates to  payments made today please contact The Cash and Banking Department on 01482 300300 and quote your PCN reference number 20200119230630