Parking Permits

Access to services will be limited as a result of the necessary changes and measures that will introduced as a result of coronavirus.

The following libraries are offering appointment-based services only, including a select and collect service -

  • Hull Central Library in  Albion Street
  • Bransholme Library at North Point Shopping Centre
  • Fred Moore Library in Wold Road
  • Greenwood Avenue Library in Greenwood Avenue
  • Ings Library in Savoy Road
  • Western Library in The Boulevard

Parking permits services will be by appointment only.

To use the select and collect service call 01482 210 000 or email
The following are currently still closed -

  • Avenues Library in Chanterlands Avenue
  • East Park Library in East Park
  • Freedom Centre Library in Preston Road
  • Gipsyville Library in North Road
  • Longhill Library in Shannon Road
  • Waudby Library in The Waudby Centre, Annandale Road

Safety measures will be in place at Hull libraries to protect staff and service users.

Residents permits

Residents permits are to be displayed in the vehicle (this includes cars, motorbikes, and vans) to ensure that the vehicle is exempt from time limitations within certain areas of the city.

If you wish to apply for a resident permit for a mobility vehicle we will need to see -

  • proof of residency
  • the mobility agreement

The details on the proof of residency and the mobility agreement must match.

If you require a resident permit for a lease vehicle, the lease agreement will act as the V5. It must have your name and address on that you are applying for.

If your application for a resident permit does not have any changes to make and you are just renewing it then we do not need to see proof of residency or proof of vehicle.  We will only require your application form and either a signed grandad rights form or a payment. This does not apply to city centre permits.  

The city centre permit require-

  • proof of residency
  • proof of vehicle
  • permit application 
  • payment

City Centre permits

These cost £80 and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Any unused months will be refunded at £5 per complete unused month.

Outside City Centre

£22 will be charged per permit.

Visitor permits

Within stadium zones visitor permits are available at a cost of £22 per permit per year.

There is a maximum of two permits per household and proof of residency is required when applying.

Carer permit

In order to apply for a carer permit you must present written proof that a high level of care is required at home.

Proof can be from one of the following services - 

  • Social Services
  • a care company
  • Doctor

A permit will only be issued if there is no alternative parking available.

Mews parking permits

The majority of zone B carries a parking restriction which allows non permit holders to park for two hours without sanction. Many of the cul-de-sac areas where parking bays cannot be marked out have a parking restriction which does not allow any time for non permit holders to park.

Where parking space allows, residents of these areas are permitted to purchase a Mews parking permit. This permit costs £22 and is valid within your street only and does not carry a vehicle registration number. It is designed to act as a visitors permit.

Stadium zone permits

Permits are available at a cost of £22 per permit.

Blue badge holders

A blue badge holder does not require a residential permit if they are correctly displaying a badge within their car.

Free parking is allowed on streets within pay and display bays in the city centre, where there are time limits for non disabled bays or where a residential scheme is in force.

If a time limit is imposed on a disabled bay it must be adhered to.

Scratch cards

Please note

  • scratch cards are not available in the City Centre.
  • the only businesses allowed scratch cards are guest houses outside the City Centre.

Scratch cards provide exemption from time limitations for parking within controlled zones, they cost 75p each and you must scratch off the date and display in the windscreen of the vehicle.

Currently there are three different types of scratch cards -

  • residents
  • stadium
  • guest houses

Stadium and residents scratch cards are valid for one day.

Residents can purchase up to ten scratch cards per calendar month.

Residents can purchase scratch cards for one month in advance.

Guest houses outside the city centre are allowed a maximum of 200 in any 12 month period. These are valid for up to one month.


Residents can purchase visitors scratch cards without being a permit holder - proof of residency must be provided as per residents permit. Scratch cards are not allowed within City Centre zone.

Guest Houses

Guest houses need to provide a signed letter on company headed paper, with the exception of city centre guest houses and hotels who are not permitted to purchase scratch cards.


Landlords are only issued scratch cards if they have applied for a resident permit and can provide proof of residency for the application address.

Scratch card refunds

We are able to offer refunds for scratch cards which are being returned from controlled parking zones which have now been withdrawn or where the resident has moved address.

In order to obtain a refund, the scratch cards must be currently valid.

Refunds will only be offered in cash at the Wilson Centre CSC between the hours of 2pm and 4pm Monday to Friday. No other customer service centre is able to offer this service.

Please note due to current Government guidelines the Wilson Centre is currently closed to the public.