Home to School Transport exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances

Any parent or carer who makes an application for free travel assistance under the criteria set out in our policies have the right to appeal the decision if the application is refused.

Exceptions to the eligibility criteria for free Home to School Transport can be applied depending on the child’s circumstances -

  • medical – children with a medical condition who are fit to attend school but are unable to do so because they are unable to walk or are unable to travel by their normal means of transport
  • special circumstances – in cases of children whose education may be severely disrupted because of the effect of being taken into our care, are on a temporary travellers site or if their home life has been severely disrupted

Please note that an initial application for Free School Travel must be submitted before an Exceptional Circumstances form in order for us to assess eligibility under the provisions set out in our policies.

Appeal against an exceptional circumstances decision

If a school travel exceptional circumstances form has been submitted and assessed against the eligibility criteria and does not meet the required standard as set out in our Home to School Transport Policy you have the right to appeal. 

The parent or carer should submit a stage one letter of appeal within 20 working days together with supporting evidence if applicable outlining the ground for appeal. The appeal should be on the basis of -

  • entitlement
  • distance measurement
  • route safety
  • consideration of exceptional circumstances

A senior officer reviews the decision and responds to the parent or carer within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal. If the appeal is rejected at this stage the response is provided with explanation for the reasons for the rejection.

If the applicant remains unsatisfied there can be a stage two appeal to an independent panel to determine whether support can be provided. The appeal must be submitted with 20 working days of receipt of the stage one rejection letter.

Your appeal should be submitted to -