Public Transport

The Hull Interchange

Hull City Council manages the bus section of the Hull Interchange. At present there are two bus companies using the Interchange to provide regular bus services these are Stagecoach and East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS). Long distance coach company National Express also uses the Interchange as does National Holidays.

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Bus passes

All councils are obliged to fulfil the requirements of the English National Concessionary Transport Scheme (ENCTS); this provides travel to senior citizens and some disabled people within certain criteria. Whilst the person may travel free of charge bus companies are reimbursed by the local authority for the area where a journey commenced. Any council is able to provide a service over and above that requirement but when doing so can only offer this benefit where it is responsible for payment i.e. journeys commencing within that area.

This scheme in Hull allows for travel 24 hours a day every day . Passes are valid on regular bus services only and not excursions.

Hull residents can use their passes for journeys starting within Hull, and journeys extending outside the city boundary. If for instance a Hull resident left at 8am to go to Withernsea over night and left Withernsea the following day at 8am to come home their pass would be valid for the outward journey but not for the home bound journey.

It is possible for a disabled person to be provided with a pass that allows a carer to travel with them free of charge provided that the disabled person would not otherwise be able to travel.

For more information on Senior bus passes and Disability bus passes please access below.

Senior bus passes

Disability bus passes

Easy Rider Wallet scheme

Intended for the disabled the Easy Rider Wallet is bright orange with plastic pockets into which the holder can place important information, helping to make using public transport easier and making people more independent. The wallet alerts bus, taxi drivers and Paragon Interchange staff, that the holder may need assistance. To obtain a wallet use the email address below or write to Public Transport, Festival House, 93 Jameson Street, Hull HU1 3JJ. There is currently no charge for this service

Alternatively email

Rail passes

Schemes exist that allow for the Council to issue passes on behalf of rail companies to senior citizens and disabled people.

For more information on Disability rail card and National senior citizens rail card access below.

Disability rail card

National senior citizens rail card

Working with bus companies

The council works with EYMS and Stagecoach to help provide a quality bus service. Regular meetings are held where discussions take place including bus punctuality, the bus companies are briefed about planned road works to try and lessen the impact on their customers. Ideas are also exchanged about how “pinchpoints” or traffic bottlenecks are managed.

Punctuality statistics are recorded and can be downloaded below -

Hull Card and Kat card

The Council has worked with Stagecoach and EYMS to provide a weekly travel card that is accepted on busses operated by both companies, this card is now well established. Working with the Young People’s Parliament a version for young people titled KAT Card (Kids and Teenagers) has been produced. This card is available at a discounted rate of 20 per cent which has been funded equally by income from bus lane penalty charges and the bus companies.

More information on KAT cards

The Priory Park and Ride Service

At present the council provides the park and ride facility at Priory Park, Henry Boot Way, HU4 7DY. Parking is free of charge and the car park has a capacity of 650. The bus service linking the Park and Ride to the Town centre is provided by Stagecoach as a standard bus service. All ENCTS passes are valid on this service.

Passenger travel survey   

In Autumn 2017 the Council and bus companies contributed towards a survey operated by Transport Focus, an independent body who also surveyed 34 other authorities throughout the UK. A report was published relating solely to Hull and this is available at the link below. Also available is a survey conducted into bus use by young people (19 and under).  


Working in partnership with other local authorities in the area Hull City Council contributes towards Traveline, which is an online service allowing the public to plan journeys throughout the country using all forms of public transport.

Visit the Traveline website


East Hull Community Transport

This organisation is misnamed and provides a dial a ride service across the whole of the city for those who would otherwise find travel very difficult. We provide financial support to enable them to operate this service.

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