Support for adoptive parents children and families

Who the service is for

  • adoptive families who live within the boundary of Hull (although for three years after the adoption order the placing authority has a duty of support)
  • families outside Hull whose child was adopted from Hull (for three years after the adoption order)

What we offer

We are able to talk to you about any issues or concerns you may have regarding adoption and can offer you an adoption support needs assessment whilst linking you up to services that can help. We work with schools, health professionals and others to provide ongoing support where needed. 

Examples of support we offer

  • monthly training workshops for adopters - topics include health, bonding through play, explaining adoption to children. You are invited to these as soon as your application has been accepted and you can attend these groups as long as you find them useful to you as an adoptive parent
  •   social events such as adoption parties
  •   membership of our mailing list to receive newsletters and other mailings
  •   childrens fun group during school holidays
  •   Little Penguins group for parents and pre school aged children
  •  Letterbox - help with birth family contact. A specialised social worker can help you with birth family contact, including writing annual contact letters
  •  adopters support groups throughout the year – both day time and evening sessions
  •   specialist online training
  •   regular visits from an adoption social worker when a child is placed with you. Once an adoption order is made it is your choice whether you want further support or not
  •   psychologist referral – we have a psychologist attached to the adoption team who is available for consultation and advice, if needed
  •   support from After Adoption Yorkshire - they provide an independent support service for everyone affected by adoption
  • Hull adoption library - this includes books on a variety of adoption issues as well as therapeutic games designed for families

In addition to this we can support families in referrals for

  • Adopted Teens group (Yorkshire ) ATiD
  • help with accessing clinical services and educational support
  • Strengthening Families programme
  • Hull City Council training courses
  • online training provided by Kate Cairns Associates

Our experienced social workers also help adoptive parents to learn how best to talk to their children about their past, and to make sense of who they are.

How to access support from Hull Adoption Support Service

text “Adopt” to 81888 (standard text rate)


Visit the One Adoption website for more information