Charging and Financial Assessment Consultation

We are currently holding a consultation on how we manage payments for adult social care and are looking for your feedback on proposed changes.

At the moment, people in different areas of the country pay different amounts for the adult social care support they receive. People in Hull sometimes pay less for the support they receive, compared to other places, and sometimes they pay more.

At present people in Hull who are eligible are automatically given a disregard of £27.45 to pay for night time care even though they may not actually be receiving or paying for night time care.

This could be being received as part of -

  • the higher rate of Attendance Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance - Care component
  • Personal Independence Payment - Care component

The changes proposed aim to make this fairer so that the cost of support in Hull will be more consistent with the rest of the country.

The changes also give clear details about what will and will not be taken into account when working out charges for support and details of our minimum income guarantee.



You can complete the survey using the link below from Friday 4 August -

Access the Charging and Financial Assessment Policy Consultation

Closing date - Tuesday 24 October