Support for Armed Forces personnel and veterans


After leaving the forces, the transition back to civilian life can present real challenges for some people. Here in Hull, organisations  including Hull City Council, the NHS and Job Centre have pledged to support those who need it by signing a charter. 

Here you can find out about the support available in Hull to in-service and ex-service personnel from the military and the Merchant Navy, their families, veterans and carers. Help with housing, employment, health and welfare are just some of the issues that organisations across Hull can help you with.

We have also listed other organisations outside of Hull that can support you regarding a range of issues including healthcare, financial support and family support.

Employment support for Veterans of the Armed Forces, Reservists and their immediate family members

The work club is situated within Londesborough Barracks and is open for appointments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am - 4pm

Armed Forces Veterans Work Club
Londesborough Barracks
Londesborough Street


01482 210 843

The club offers help and support with job searching, careers advice and has strong links with other service providers within Hull offering help and support with welfare, education, training and self employment.

To book an appointment contact the work club on the following - 

Tel - 01482 210 843 
Email -

Employment support – Find out how organisations in the area can help you with your job search, careers advice or support in becoming self employed.