Bid for a home

Welcome to Hull City Council’s new website. We hope you like our new design and find it easy to use. You can tell us what you think, or make suggestions for improvements, using this form.

How to bid

You need to be registered on our housing list (Homesearch) to bid for properties.

More information on registering for Homesearch

You can bid for properties 

  • online - you will need your Homesearch reference number to log on
  • text 07795 563 000 you must start with bid(followed by a space) and provide your housing application reference number, name and the property references of the properties you wish to bid on.
  • customer service centres
  • 01482 300 300

Our online bidding page is currently showing a different format to usual but you are still able to bid using this page. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to log on as normal.  

The number of bids you can make in each advert depends on which priority band you are in. If you are in -

  •  band A or B you can make up to six bids
  •  band C, D or E you can make up to three bids

If you bid for a property that is not owned by us you are agreeing for us to share your details with that landlord.

Weekly adverts

Adverts are published weekly on a Thursday morning and bidding closes the following Monday at 5pm. This may change across public holidays or to carry out essential system maintenance.

We expect a high volume of people using the website on Thursdays when bidding opens. If you encounter any problems signing in or placing bids on Thursdays please be aware that it is not a first come first served process and you have until bidding closes (usually the following Monday at 5pm) to place your bids.

See our list of available properties to bid for Thursdays to Monday only.

You will need to scroll to the bottom of this page and select browse all available properties.


It is important you do not bid for properties you are not eligible for as we will not consider you for them. 

More information about which property types you are eligible for

To bid for a sheltered property you must be registered on our sheltered housing list. To be eligible you must - 

  • be 55 or over 
  • need the support that sheltered accommodation offers

Bidding information

When bidding is open there are three search icons at the bottom of the page. To bid for a property you must add it to your basket. Once you have added all of your bids to your basket you need to confirm them or they will not be placed. 

Make sure you allow enough time to place your bids before the 5pm deadline. Any bids received after the deadline are not considered.