Housing advice for forces personnel and families

Housing support from Hull City Council

We recognise that long term accomodation is important for people leaving the Armed Forces. We can provide you with information and advice to help you find good quality, affordable housing that meets your individual needs and we offer specific support to those wishing to apply for a council home in Hull.

We offer advice about a wide range of housing options and services which you may be interested in. These include -

  • Council housing - We offer specific support to those wishing to apply for a council home in Hull after leaving the Armed Forces. You can apply for coucnil housing before you have been discharged from the Armed Forces as long as you know what your discharge date will be. In certain circumstances you may be entitled to additional preference on our housing list
  • Adaptations and equipment for your home - If you are disabled or you are experiencing difficulty with daily living activites, specialist equipment and adaptations, from large equipment like hoists to smaller things such as hand rails, can help you to remain living independenntly and safely in your own home. We can provide help to private home owners and council tenants
  • Rent a home from a housing association or private landlord - Housing associations provide affordable homes for people in housing need. Most homes are rented at affordable rates but some are sold through low-cost home ownership schemes. When you approach us for advice we will advise you of all your housing options including housing associations and finding a home with a private landlord

Housing support from other organisations

  • Joint Service Housing Advice Office  is the Ministry of Defence's tri-service focal point to provide service personnel and their departments with civillian housing information for those wishing to move to civillian life
  • The MOD Army provides subsidised accomodation for its service men and women.  Visit their website for details of service personnel entitlement to service accomodation and removals for personal possessions on assigments to a new area
  • The Navy Families Federation provides details of service families accomodation, short term accomodation and other housing options
  • The Royal Air Force Families Federation provides details of Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and civillian housing options.
  • The Royal British Legion provide short and long term care for serving and ex-service people and their dependants in Royal British Legion Care Homes around the country
  • The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) offers advice and assistance to anyone for their help, whether they are serving or ex-service, or a famaily member of someone with a service connection. The SSAFA also provide housing and residential home facilities
  • Veterans UK provide advice regarding the help available to ex-service personnel who are homeless or are threatened with homelessness

Other support available to Armed Forces personnel and veterans

After leaving the forces, the transisition back to civillian life can present real challenges for some people. Here in Hull, organisations including Hull City Council, NHS and Job Centre have pledged to support those who need it by signing a Charter.



Help with housing, employment, health and welfare are just some of the issues that organisations across Hull can help you with.

The Veterans Gateway put veterans and their families in touch with organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need - from healthcare and housing to emplyability, finances, personal relationships and more.

Access the Veterans Gateway here