Voter registration

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You can vote in elections if you are on the electoral register (also known as the electoral roll). It is your responsibility to make sure you are registered.

You can register if you –

  • are 16 or older (although you cannot vote until you are 18) and are not already registered
  • you are a British, Irish, qualifying Commonwealth, or European Union citizen living in the UK
  • live abroad and have been registered as a UK elector during the last 15 years (you register as an overseas elector and can't vote in local elections)
  • are a student living at a different address during term time (students can vote in local elections at both their home and at their term time address if they are in different government areas)

You need re register if you –

  • move house
  • change your name

What happens next

You are registered to vote in the next elections.

If you have chosen to vote by post a postal vote application form is sent to you within seven working days.

Find out more about voting by post

Now you are registered, if you are not able to vote in person, you can apply to have someone vote for you. This is called voting by proxy.

Find out more about voting by proxy

Why register

If you are not on the register you might be refused a loan, mobile phone contract or be turned down for a bank account.