Bridges and Structures


The River Hull has been bridged, in one form or another, for over 500 years enabling the city of Hull to grow and develop on both east and west sides of the river. Today the city is one entity with travel over the river being largely taken for granted. Hull’s bridges are fundamental to this because they form the essential links in the road network.

We make sure bridges are safe for you to use and we also take care of other highway structures like - 

  • footbridges
  • swing bridges
  • lift bridges
  • culverts
  • subways and underpasses
  • basements under the highway
  • retaining walls
  • tall lighting columns greater than 20m
  • cantilever masts for signals and cameras
  • service tunnels under the River Hull
  • parapets and hand rails

Report a problem with a bridge or structure

We inspect bridges on a two yearly cycle so there may be occasions when you see damage before we do. If you find a problem with a bridge that presents a danger to the public, please report it to us 

Call -  01482 300 300  
Email  -

We will need to know -

  • the bridge name (if known)
  • location and obstacle crossed
  • road or street name
  • nature of the problem

Once you have reported the problem to us, we will assess its importance and respond appropriately.

New highway bridges and structures

All development plans for new public bridges, retaining walls and structures should be submitted to us for technical approval. We will be able to advise you and together we will ensure the structure you wish to build is safe for use and fit for purpose.

Abnormal loads

If you are moving a vehicle or load that exceeds standard dimensions you must notify the police and highway and bridge authorities beforehand. You can do this by sending us a fax on 01482 612 424 using the ESDAL (Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads) system.

Visit the Highways Agency website to find out more about ESDAL 

If you need advise about a safe route, are concerned about a low bridge or want to know the weight limit a bridge can carry, please contact us by post calling or emailing. 

Contact us - 

Bridges, Structures and Waterways
Hull City Council
2nd Floor
Festival House
93 Jameson Street

Call - 01482 300 300
Email -