Roads and grittings

Our aim is to make Hull’s roads as safe as possible for our road users and keep disruption caused by bad weather to a minimum.From late autumn to late spring we are on stand by 24 hours a day to respond to bad weather conditions.

Gritting involves the spreading of rock salt on roads. The salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes preventing ice from forming or snow from setting. However it needs traffic to be effective as it relies on the action of vehicle tyres for the salt to spread over the road.



Rock salt is effective at temperatures down to minus eight to 10 degrees Celsius, below that salted roads will still freeze. Regular and detailed weather forecasts from two weather monitoring stations in Hull, help us to forecast road surface temperatures and decide which roads need gritting and when.

Road gritting is concentrated on the key routes which carry the majority of traffic around Hull, this includes bus routes. Grit bins can be provided at suitable locations for self help by the public. Location of new grit bins are approved after investigation and dependant on a number of criteria -  

  • highway or Council owned land
  • access for delivery
  • potential nuisance
  • volunteer available 
  • suitability
  • use and cost

Requests for new grit bins will be investigated within 14 days and customers will only be contacted if they request it.

The Council will aim to refill grit bins as soon as is practical dependant on resources especially in prolonged periods of snow and ice.