Orchard Park Regeneration

Regeneration of Orchard Park

Orchard Park has been a key focus area for housing regeneration and is identified in Hull’s Local Plan as a priority area.

To date, seven blocks of Council high-rise flats have been demolished, a programme of external solid wall insulation to up to 1,200 homes is nearing completion and 117 new homes have been built at Homethorpe with a further 177 under construction at Milldane. 

New homes 

Since the start of the regeneration programme on Orchard Park, building new housing has been a key part of the approach. 

52 new homes for rent were built at Homethorpe for Hull City Council and Riverside Housing Association.

At Milldane the Council’s appointed contractor Wates Residential has built 86 homes which were completed by January 2018 on the lower western half of the site.  They are now building 49 two bed homes and 42 one bed apartments on the remainder of the site and they will all be complete in March 2019.  All 91 homes will be council homes for rent.  If you are interested in renting one of these properties please complete a Homesearch application form (see 'register on the housing list' below) and look out for the adverts which will starting in October 2018.

We are continuing to explore opportunities around Danepark Road to develop more affordable housing and housing for sale. 


Housing improvements 

The first phase of an energy efficiency improvements programme for our homes (all 'wimpey no-fines' construction houses) in the Thorpes is complete and work is underway on the remaining phases in the Danes and Courts. The improvements are providing thermal insulation render in order to reduce energy usage. The refurbishment is to be delivered by our partner Fortem Energy Services Limited.

The Shaws are traditional brick built homes and are therefore more suitable to cavity wall insulation rather then cladding.