Amendments to planning permissions

If you wish to make changes to an approved development, you will need to have your proposed changes approved.

We advise that you discuss your proposed changes with the planning officer who dealt with your original planning application. Your planning officer will advise you which of the following three approval procedures is appropriate for your development.

We can no longer approve proposed changes to an approved development by an exchange of letters. New legislation which came in on 1 October 2009 means there are new processes involved to approve changes to approved developments (which were previously commonly known as minor amendments).

There are now three ways to seek approval for changes to an approved development, as listed below.

Non-material amendments

Following a grant of planning permission, you may wish to make small amendments to the permission. This may include changing a finish or moving a door or window. You will need to apply for a non-material amendment to find out whether a change is considered 'non-material'. This would mean your changes can be carried out without the need to reapply for full planning permission.

To apply for a non-material amendment, please download and complete the form below -



The application attracts a fee of £34 for householders and £234 in all other cases. Please note only one copy of the forms and plans are needed.

Whether or not a proposed amendment is considered non-material will depend on the circumstances of the case. For example, moving a window could be material if it results in the overlooking of a neighbour, but could be non-material if it does not. Generally if neighbours have to be consulted about a change then it will not be appropriate to use this method.

If an application for a non-material amendment is successful, you will have an amendment to the original planning permission. No new planning permission is created. A decision will be issued within 28 days. If an application is not successful, or if the decision is not issued within 28 days, you have the right of appeal.

The procedure cannot be used to make changes to listed building consents or conservation area consents.

Minor material amendments (S73 application)

If your proposed changes are generally more significant than the non-material amendments, you will need to make a ‘minor material amendments’ application.

You can apply under S73 of the Planning and Compensation Act 2004 to change the approved plans. This creates a new permission, but does not extend the period for implementation.

The application attracts a fee of £34 for householders and £234 in all other cases. Please note only one copy of the forms and plans are needed.

To apply for a minor material amendment, please download and complete the form below -