Land Charges CON 29 Enquiries

Highways Enquiries 

2. Roadways, footways and footpaths
3.2 Land to be acquired for road works
3.4 Nearby road schemes
3.5 Nearby railway schemes
3.6 (a) Traffic schemes – permanent stopping up or diversion
3.7 (e) Outstanding notices – Highways


Please refer to the following page and note that no new or proposed road schemes classed under 3.4 (section A-F) will remain the case for the foreseeable future. 


Adopted roads and highways 


3.7 Outstanding notices 

The lists of properties with an outstanding notice are available to download. 



The properties have an outstanding notice relating to the following areas of enforcement -

b. environment
c. health and safety
d. housing
f. public health

If a property does not show on this list then there are no outstanding notices. If it does appear on the list and you require further information, please contact us.


3.12 Contaminated land

(a) As (b) below.
(b) (i) and (ii)  In relation to a register maintained under Section 78R of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Hull City Council has two entries. These are -


PR1 – Bransholme land fill/land raise site

The site is a former land fill/land raise site at Bransholme, Kingston upon Hull (National Grid Reference: 511645E: 434898N).


PR2 – Land at 25 and 26 Houston Drive

The land is located at 25 and 26 Houston Drive, Ryde Avenue, Kingston upon Hull, HU5 1NJ (National Grid reference: 509032; 431211). 
 (c)  No entries.


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