Planning pre-application advice

Pre-application discussions can save time and money and can make sure that your application moves through the planning process more easily and with more chance of success. 

Discussions with the Planning Committee

For some applications you can discuss your proposals with members of the Planning Committee. Discussions may be considered if your application is -

  • a major application which is 10 or more houses, 1000 square metres or more of floor space or sites of 0.5 hectares or one hectare or more
  • a scheme in a conservation areas which would have a significant impact on the character and appearance of the area
  • for a scheme which affects listed buildings 
  • a scheme that members have ask to be presented
  • a repeat visit requested by members or identity by you as necessary prior to the first pre-application meeting 
  • an exceptional circumstance

Discussions with officers

You can discuss all types of applications with our officers. A discussion could be a meeting or written response to a proposal.

Request pre-application advice 

If you are making a request for pre-application advice please complete the request form and submit it to the planning department with the appropriate supporting information. We respond to all requests for pre-application advice within 10 working days.