Secondary school allocation arrangements

We coordinate the admission of school places for all Hull residents according to the admission arrangements set out by each admissions authority. All secondary schools in Hull are academy schools and are responsible for their own admissions arrangements and are their own Admissions Authority. Admission to all (non fee paying) schools is coordinated by your local authority and applications for any academy, trust, voluntary aided or maintained school should be made to the authority in which you live regardless of where your preferred school is.

If the number of applications received for a school is less than the school's published admission number then all who have applied will qualify for a place. If your child meets the criteria for entry to more than one of your school preferences your child will be offered a place at the school that you have ranked highest on your preference form.

If the number of applications is more than the published admission number then the admission authority has to use its admission arrangements to decide which applicants qualify for places.

Admission arrangements

The admission arrangements set out how many children the schools will admit and how they will decide which applicants will qualify for places if the number of applications is more than the number of places available.

For Hull schools, we decide the admission arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled primary schools. The governing bodies of voluntary aided schools and the academy trusts of academy schools decide the admission arrangements for their schools.

Admissions policies for secondary schools in Hull

Previous admission arrangements

Access admissions policies from 2017-2018

Admission arrangements for 2019-2020

Admission policies for applications for future years have to be formally determined. Determination follows a period of consultation and happens many months before the start of the school year in which the policies apply.

Policies are made available once they have been determined.

You can access each school's admission arrangements on the individual school's website and be given the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes.

We are not the admission authority for any of the secondary schools in Hull but does coordinate applications for transfer to secondary school and in year transfers.