Respect Programme

This programme aims to raise awareness of respect, increasing self-confidence, and improving understanding of the police service. It is delivered by the youth justice services seconded Police Officer.

The aim of the programme is to create an environment for young people to speak openly about what they consider respect to be and to debate and positively challenge each other’s understanding of this concept.

This programme is made up of the following sessions - 

Session 1 – Introduction

This session looks at -

  • understanding respect/disrespect
  • encouraging group discussion and varied opinions
  • understanding consequences on individual’s thinking around the topic

Session 2 – The Police and Crime

This session looks at -

  • the history and development of the police
  • the differences in British law compared to other countries
  • the consequences of certain crimes

Session 3 – Police Demands

This session looks at -

  • the types of incidents the police attend to
  • the demands placed on the police

Session 4  – People in Police

This session looks at -

  • the police being human
  • a Police Officer’s experience
  • negative opinions of the police

Session 5 and 6 –Police Life

These sessions look at -

  • a case study of a real robbery
  • the life of a Police Officer

Session 7 – Firearms

This session looks at -

  • the dangers Police Officer’s face
  • the role of firearms officers
  • firearms incidents

Session 8 – Decisions

This session looks at -

  • policing principles
  • the thinking of police and their equipment
  • police training