Street lights, bollards and beacons

It is an emergency if the equipment has -

  • exposed wires
  • lanterns hanging by cables
  • fallen over

In all of these instances contact us on 01482 300 300 so we can respond immediately.

You can report all non emergency faults with the following equipment located within the Hull city boundary (except on the  A63) online -

  • streetlights and columns
  • signs (illuminated and non illuminated)
  • bollards (reflected and non illuminated)
  • zebra crossing beacons
  • street name plate signs

To report an item on the A63 or A1033 (Clive Sullivan Way, Castle Street, Garrison Road and Hedon Road) contact Highways England on 0300 123 5000 or via email

What happens next

We repair street lights within five working days and attend emergencies in two hours.

If the fault is the responsibility of the local electricity supplier, we make the light safe and report the fault to them. The current timescale for repairs by Northern Powergrid is 28 days.