Report a spillage on an adopted road

We are responsible for the cleaning and removal of spillages on all adopted roads.   

If you find a spillage such as oil, blood, petrol or body fluids on a road within the city boundary you can report it to us.  

How to report a spillage

You can telephone 01482 300 300 to report a spillage please give details of the -

  • exact location of the spillage
  • size of the spillage
  • cause of the spillage

To report a spillage on the A63 contact The Highways Agency on 0845 955 6575.

What happens next

The area is inspected and treated within 24 hours.

Private roads

Some roads are owned privately and it is the owner's responsibility to take care of them. If you report a spillage and we find out it is on a private road, we will try to contact the owner to report the problem.