Gully cleansing

A gully consists of a concrete pot positioned under the road surface with an iron grate visible from the road. It can also be referred to as a sink, drain or pot.

Normally located at the edge of the road by the kerb, a gully is designed to take water away from the road surface. The water collects in the concrete pot before being channelled through a series of pipes connected to the main sewer network.

Gullies are cleaned on a 12 month rota at least once a year.

Report a blockage

When it rains heavily our drains may not be able to clear the large volume of water away immediately. If the water remains standing on the surface when the rain has stopped and has not drained away after a reasonable amount of time, please contact us on 01482 300 300

What happens next

We attempt to clear the blockage by jetting. If that is unsuccessful we may need to excavate to clear the blockage by removing earth around the gully and digging to find the problem.

Keeping our gullies clean and safe

You can help us to keep the gullies clear by not tipping waste down them. If you know of someone who tips waste into a gully that could cause a blockage, please let us know. If you see a gully with a broken or missing cover (grate), please let us know straight away. Try to be as precise as possible by giving us details of the road that it is on, nearby lamp posts or house numbers. We will inspect defective gullies within 24 hours to determine what actions are required to rectify the problem.