Street repairs

We aim to keep the highway network in as safe a condition as possible by carrying out regular inspections and repairs but unfortunately accidents can occur from time to time.

Report defective or dangerous highway conditions

If you feel an accident has occurred due to the condition of the highway, you can report this to us on 01482 300 300.

We will ask you -

  • a description of the defect or dangerous condition
  • its location including street name and adjacent house number, shop name or nearby lamp post number

What happens next

Once you report a defective or dangerous highway condition, we will inspect it and decide whether a repair is necessary. Any repairs will be carried out as soon as possible.

We carry out the following -

  • highway maintenance capital programme - footways
  • safer routes to schools
  • traffic calming schemes
  • cycle paths
  • provision of bus boarder kerbing

We also carry out all reactive maintenance works within the highway including -

  • repairs to potholes
  • patching repairs to carriageways and footways
  • re setting and or replacement of bollards
  • repairs to flagged and block paved pedestrian areas
  • repairs to highway drainage infrastructure