Street furniture

We are responsible for the maintenance of traffic signs, guard railings, non-illuminated bollards and seats located in footways, traffic islands and verges within the adopted public highway.

This excludes the A63/A1033 trunk road (Clive Sullivan Way, Castle Street, Garrison Road and Hedon Road). To report an item on the A63/A1033 trunk road (Clive Sullivan Way, Castle Street, Garrison Road and Hedon Road) contact The Highways Agency on 0845 750 4030 or email

Report damaged street furniture

To report damaged street furniture please telephone 01482 300 300.

Please provide as accurate as possible details of -

  • where the street furniture is located
  • what type of street furniture is damaged

If you are reporting damaged traffic signs and bollards, please also advise whether they have their own lighting system.

What happens next     

Once you report a damaged item of street furniture, we will inspect it and decide whether a repair is appropriate.

We establish whether the item is not on the public highway. For example, it may be on privately owned land. If this is the case we will attempt to direct your report to the landowner, if we can identify them.

Street name plates

We are also responsible for maintaining all street name plates within the public highway. You can place an order with us for the following -

  • erection of new street name plates
  • removal of old/damaged name plates
  • re-setting of concrete/steel name plate posts
  • supply and erection of steel/concrete name plate posts
  • removal of damaged/unnecessary name plate posts (concrete or steel)
  • re-paints of existing name plates
  • re-location of names plates that are in an unsuitable location
  • the cleaning of name plates

For more information on street name plates please contact us.