Electrical inspections

We have identified that inspections of the electrics in around 3500 properties citywide are required. All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use so we regularly test them. Such safety checks are referred to as Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports (DEICR).

The DEICR will -

  • reveal if any of your electrical circuits are overloaded
  • find any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards
  • identify any defective electrical work
  • highlight any lack of earthing or bonding

Tests are also carried out on wiring to check that it is safe. The inspection will take around 2 to 4 hours.

Kingstown Works Limited (KWL) is working in partnership with the council to deliver this work and will be in contact with you to confirm exactly what you can expect. An appointment date for the inspection will be provided. KWL may use subcontractors to carry out this work. KWL will give you a minimum of 14 days’ notice before work starts in your name.

If access is not granted, a warrant will be applied for in the Magistrates’ court and access will be forced if necessary. You will be charged for this.