Repairs - legal action

If you are considering submitting a legal disrepair claim, we would recommend in the first instance to report –

If you are unhappy with the repairs service submit or progress a complaint.

Firms go door knocking on Council estates asking if tenants have any outstanding repairs.

They encourage the tenant to take legal proceedings against us for disrepair.

They and the solicitors that they pass these cases onto make money either from legal aid or a proportion of any compensation the tenant gets from such action.

If you are pursuing a legal disrepair claim please be aware that all your live repairs or planned works orders could potentially be cancelled or put on hold once you have submitted a claim, with except for emergency repairs.

There may be a delay in us carrying out any repairs identified in your property that have been raised as part of a legal disrepair claim as we must liaise with your legal representative which can cause delays.

The door knock firms are in no way associated with or working on behalf of us.

If you are unsure whether a visitor is legitimate all Council staff, and contractors appointed by the Council, carry identification. The Council's main contractor for housing repairs is Kingstown Works Limited (KWL). If you are not sure do not allow entry.