Listed buildings

Listed building consent

If you are applying for listed building consent you may also need planning permission and building regulations approval in addition to listed building consent. If so, you should submit you planning application at the same time as your listed building consent application. Any alterations or extensions which do not require planning permission may still need listed building consent.

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Works relating to building regulations approval are likely to require listed building consent too, particularly in connection with fire and sound proofing and heat insulation. Applications for building regulations have the potential to be harmful and adversely affect a listed building's special interest, even if reversible.

Apply for listed building consent

You can also apply for listed building consent by filling in the application form and returning it by post or hand to -

The Guildhall
Alfred Gelder Street

When we have received and validated your application we advertise the details and invite comments from local and national bodies before granting or refusing consent. This usually takes eight weeks but, some applications may take longer. You can appeal to the Secretary of State if your application is refused or granted subject to conditions.