Children's health services

The Public Health Nursing service is provided by Humber NHS Teaching Foundation Trust. The service aims to prevent ill health, promote, and protect good health and wellbeing of children aged up to 19 years of age and their families.

The 0-5 Public Health Nursing Team is led by health visitors who provide key visits during a child’s first five years.

Continuing support is available if required through to the age of five years.  

They support families who need additional help with -

  • health issues
  • weaning
  • behaviour
  • sleep
  • bed wetting
  • depression
  • identifying early developmental delay
  • accessing the right services for long term support; including transition to school

The 5-19 (up to 25 where the young person has additional need) Public Health Nursing Team works with young people to improve health and wellbeing. They also provide advice and support on a range of topics.

If you are aged 5-19, you can access the service by telephone, or book through your school, college, training, or apprenticeship provider. You can talk to a nurse on a range of topics that may be concerning you, including -

  • sexual health
  • emotional health and relationships
  • weight concerns
  • physical health
  • management of a long-term condition or complex health needs
  • help and support to access to other services, including advice on immunisations

Further information can be found by accessing the Humber and NHS website.