Ward and neighbourhood forums

We are committed to giving people the chance to express their views and to know that those views are listened to and respected. An integral part of this process is the ward forum - but what do you know about them?

Ward forums, neighbourhood forums or forums on the move are informal meetings where you can talk directly to your councillor to -

  • express your views about council services
  • raise issues that are important to the local community
  • share ideas on how to improve the area where you live
  • hear and talk about new council policies for the area
  • get feedback on actions from previous meeting

Anyone can attend these events. It doesn't matter if you live in -

  • a council property
  • rented accommodation
  • own your own home

Ward forums are for residents and businesses to discuss local concerns with ward councillors, council officers and, when appropriate, representatives from other organisations such as the police and fire and rescue service. 

These consultation events are your opportunity to have a say in what happens in your area and influence decisions. They allow you to ask questions of your elected members, council officers and other representatives, and to hear their answers.