High rises

Building safety

High rise buildings – helping you to feel safe

As a responsible landlord your safety has always been a priority for us and the Government led Building Safety Act 2022 provides ground-breaking reforms to give residents more rights, power, and protections so homes across the country are safer.

The Act states that every resident of a high rise building -

  • should be reassured that their building safety risk is being managed
  • can expect to be informed about the measures being taken to make their building safe
  • should be empowered to raise safety concerns and to know they are taken seriously
  • should be provided with safety information
  • should be encouraged to participate in making their building safe

We would like to understand how you would like to be kept updated about safety matters in your building and to make sure there is the opportunity for your voice to be heard we would like your feedback. From November 2022 onwards we will be consulting all residents in high rise blocks about how you would like to be kept updated about safety matters in your building. Complete the questionnaire online using the link below -

High rise buildings - helping you feel safe

If you or any family member would have difficulties in evacuating in the event of a major incident such as a fire, please either complete the online form above or contact the High Rise Team for advice on


We need to put up signs in the communal areas of high and medium rise flats on every floor. It is now law that floor numbers are clearly marked on each landing. The signage will help the fire brigade and emergency services find their way around buildings even in low visibility. The signs are for your safety and must not be removed from the building. These contractors will be working in the building putting up the signs during October/November 2023

  • Holistic Fire Safe
  • KWL
  • Signs Services

They do not need access to your flat however there will be some noise from the drilling. We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause you. We will try to keep the disruption to a minimum.