Smoke alarm detectors and ventilation servicing

Smoke detectors

Most smoke alarms fitted in council homes since 2002 are mains powered with a ten-year lithium back battery. This battery is not a replaceable item. If the detector is sounding under fault conditions report this by calling 01482 300 300.

Do not attempt to remove the battery yourself or open the detectors. A special tool is required to remove the smoke alarm cover.

Smoke alarm and ventilation servicing

Every four years we inspect and test smoke and ventilation systems in low, medium and high rise council dwellings. You will receive a notification letter from our partner contractor Kingstown Works Limited. The inspection/test will take about one hour to complete.

The inspection/test will certify that the smoke detectors and ventilation system can continue to be used in safety, or identify if replacement works are required to maintain the safe operation of the installation.

The casing of the ventilation units will be removed and vacuumed out. If the units have failed, a new one may be required – you will be advised of this. If there are no units present KWL will have to arrange to install them. The smoke alarm will also be tested.

If replacements are needed, you will receive a letter from Kingstown Works Limited with an appointment for the work. The work will take one to two hours to complete.

Important information

We have a duty to carry out this work on health and safety grounds. If necessary, we will seek to enforce the tenancy agreement which gives us the right to carry out work of this nature. If entry is denied by Leaseholders access will be obtained formally in line with enforcement procedures carried out by the Leasehold Team.