Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud

You can report suspected tenancy fraud for council and housing association properties. This can be done anonymously.

The most common forms of tenancy fraud are –

  • unlawful subletting - when a council tenant lets out the whole of their home without our knowledge or permission
  • obtaining housing by deception - when a person is awarded a council home by giving false information in their application
  • wrongly claimed succession - when someone who is not entitled tries to take over the tenancy when a tenant dies
  • swapping homes - when 2 council tenants swap homes without our consent

We investigate your report, but we cannot tell you the result of our investigations due to data protection.

We take tenancy fraud seriously

If you commit tenancy fraud or obtain social housing property by deception, we may take further action by asking the court for possession of your home. We have powers of prosecution to act against offenders.

Subletting the whole of your property and / or parting with possession of the property is a criminal offence. If you have committed social housing fraud you would need to pay back the profits of unlawful subletting on conviction.

Report tenancy fraud