Council Tax discounts and disregards


When we look at the number of adults that live in the property, there are some people who are not counted. They can be known as disregarded. Where 2 adults live at the same address, you may qualify for a 25% reduction. This is if one of the adults falls into any of the following categories and meet the qualifying conditions.

To apply for a discount or disregard, use the online form below -

Apply for a discount, exemption or disregard (opens in a new window)

Single Person Discount

If you are the only person over the age of 18 living in a property, you may be eligible for a discount of 25% Single Person Discount.

Change of circumstances

It is important that if your circumstances change you must tell us as soon as possible via myAccount. If you are late to inform us, we will backdate any change to when it happened.

Report a change in circumstance (opens in a new window)

Additional proofs

If you have been asked to supply any extra documents or proofs to us, scan the document to us by taking a picture of the document and uploading it. Documents can only be sent in JPEG or PNG.