We provide swipecards for many of our payment services. This is similar in size to a bank card which includes - 

  • your name
  • account number
  • relevant department only

What you can pay

The payment services included in the scheme are -

  • Business Rates
  • commercial rent
  • Council Tax
  • former tenant rent arrears
  • Housing Benefits overpayments
  • housing, garages and lifeline rent
  • private lifeline

You can request a swipecard online -

Request a swipecard (opens in new window)

What happens next

You should receive your swipecard within 14 days. Another payment method should be used until the swipecard arrives.

Where you can use your swipecard

You can pay at any Post Office who also accept cash or cheque with bank cards.

You can also use a swipecard to pay at any PayPoint by cash only. PayPoint locations can be found in local shopping centres, shops and supermarkets across the country.

Make sure you allow two working days for us to receive your payments.

Lost swipecards

If you lose one of your swipecards we can replace it on request for free with seven working days. A lost or stolen card is of no use to anyone else and doesn't show your address. You can ask for a replacement by using the above form.

If you are unable to use the online form to request a swipecard, then one can be requested by calling 01482 300 300.