Apply for an organisational Blue Badge

You can apply for an organisational Blue Badge, or renew your existing organisational Blue Badge if it is due to expire in the next 8 weeks, using the form below -

Apply for an organisational Blue Badge

Once the badge is approved, you will be asked to make a £10 payment. You will need to upload a letter headed document displaying your organisation’s logo and company details.

You can only make online payments using a compatible browser.

An organisational Blue Badge will only be issued to organisations that both care for and transport disabled people. They would themselves be eligible for an individual Blue Badge under one or more of these categories -

  • children aged two or under with medical needs
  • people aged three or over who are automatically eligible 
  • people aged three or over who may be eligible under certain criteria

The badge can only be used and displayed when transporting any of these qualifying people.

Following application, we will decide if the organisation applying has a clear need for a Blue Badge. Common examples of organisations that may be eligible include residential care homes, hospices, or local authority social services department.

Organisational Blue Badges are issued to individual sites. They cannot be shared across multiple sites owned by the organisation.

We aim to process your request within 10 working days of receiving your completed application.

If we refuse your application, we will email you to tell you the reason you are not eligible. We will arrange to refund the administration fee. If you want to request or chase up a refund complete access, the Blue Badge enquiry form below -

Blue Badge enquiry

Right to appeal

If you do not agree with the decision and do not think we took all the information you provided into account, follow the instructions in the email we send you. It will tell you how to ask us to reconsider your application.

You can re-apply after 3 months.

The final decision to issue a badge will rest with us as the local authority.