Physical difficulties in your home

Adult social care - Occupational Therapy

People eligible to receive Occupational Therapy services are -

  • residents who live within the Hull city boundary
  • residents who have a substantial and enduring disability
  • residents who have significant difficulties in their daily life caused by this disability and want to be more independent
  • carer for disabled persons who are experiencing difficulties

Occupational Therapy assistance and its benefits

Occupational Therapist's (OT's) are based in Adult Social Care teams across Hull. They will work with you to help you find a new way of doing tasks such as -

  • preparing a meal or drink
  • dressing and personal hygiene
  • getting in and around your home
  • suggesting or prescribing specialist equipment to aid your daily living
  • suggesting or arranging provision of minor adaptations such as grab rails
  • agreeing recommendations with you for major adaptations such as ramps or stair lifts
  • working with your carer to offer them advice in the best way to support you

With your consent we can signpost you to relevant services who may be able to help.

Equipment for people with disabilities or who are struggling around their home

If you are struggling with access around your home, we can identify equipment or adaptations that could help you.

Examples of equipment provided, or adaptations recommended may be -

  • a bath lift - may be recommended if you are unable getting safely in and out of the bath
  • grab rails around your home - may be recommended if you need the additional support when moving around your home
  • a stair lift - may be recommended if you are unable to use the stairs safely - already have 2 banisters and essential facilities such as your toilet or a room that can be used as a bedroom are only on the first floor and do not have a condition for which using a stair lift would not be advised
  • a shower - if you are unable to get in and out of your bath even with equipment
  • a ramp - if you are a full time wheelchair user or you cannot manage the steps to your home safely or walk outside

Our partner ConnectToSupport have further information on -

If equipment is identified as meeting your need and you meet the eligibility criteria for its provision, the OT will arrange with you for this to be delivered by NRS Healthcare.