Domestic violence - help to stop

Help for abusers of domestic violence

If you have been violent or abusive to your partner, you can get help from Strength to Change to stop domestic violence. You can visit online Strength to Change or telephone in confidence on 01482 613 403.

It can be difficult to come to terms with your abusive behaviour and to ask for help. Strength to Change helps men find the strength to stop domestic violence. At Strength to Change you will be treated with respect and understanding, and you will be provided with the help and support you need to make change happen - it requires commitment and determination from you.

The helpline opening times are -

Monday to Thursday 10am - 1pm

Confidentiality policy

Calls to the Strength for Change service are confidential. They do not use technology to identify callers, listen in or call recording equipment. There is an answer machine for out of hour's calls so leave a message and someone will call you back.

Strength to Change

The Strength to Change service is for men who are concerned about their violence and abuse in their intimate relationships. This is an initiative aimed primarily at enhancing the safety of women and children whilst giving men an opportunity to change their behaviour.

The Strength to Change programme takes approximately 52 weeks to complete.