Carbon Emissions Council and City of Hull

The city council publishes its carbon emissions each year in August using the internationally recognised Greenhouse gas Reporting protocol. This reports carbon emissions across three scopes -

  • Scope 1 - direct emissions - fossil fuels such as -
    • oil
    • gas
    • fleet vehicle fuel
  • Scope 2 - indirect emissions - electricity
  • Scope 3 - all other direct emissions -
    • business travel
    • procurement
    • waste
    • water

At present under Scope 3 the council only collects data on its staff personnel vehicle use while carrying our council businesses and water use.

The council aims to increase the emissions recorded under Scope 3 over time.

The council's emissions reports are available to download.

City of Hull carbon emissions

The carbon emissions for the city are produced every year by the government.

The figures are published every June and lag 2 years behind the year they are published in. The carbon emissions are split up into 3 broad categories -

  •  industry and commercial
  •  domestic
  •  transport

The categories are further divided to provide more detail on the sources of the emissions. In addition, the figures are presented as a total and as tonnes of carbon emitted per head of population (capita). The tables provide information for every local authority area in the country.

Hull has seen carbon emission per head of population drop from 6.9 tonnes in 2005 to 4.1 tonnes in 2017 taking into account changes in the population of the city over the period.