River Hull+

European Union - European Regional Development Fund

Hull has successfully bid for European PA5 and PA6 Funding for the River Hull+ project.

The project will deliver -

  • new or improved flood defences that will better protect Hull City Centre, its businesses and residents, to a high standard
  • new flood defence with an integrated access path and high tide roosts at Tower Street, providing river access for - 
    • residents
    • workers
    • visitors
    • habitat for birds
  • route-way at Dock office row to facilitate access to and development of this key strategic site, which links the riverside to the main retail area of Hull
  • new riverside signage and interpretation
  • Improved habitat along the river corridor upstream of Drypool Bridge
  • refurbishment of the historic dry docks gates at dock office row to allow the potential relocation of the Arctic Corsair and Spurn Lightship and provide the basic infrastructure for the area to be developed as a visitor attraction

PA5 funding is being sought for the following -

  • bringing forward the flood defence works at Tower Street – this work would otherwise be in years 1-6 – bringing the work forward at this key site will unlock development potential and will inspire investor confidence. The defence will incorporate a cantilevered path to provide a route-way over this site which will provide access from the Deep to the City centre via the priority regeneration areas of old town and dock office row
  • repair and refurbishment of lock gates at Dock office row to allow access over them and through the site – linking the area to the city centre and the potential development of the site as a visitor attraction
  • removal of the Arctic corsair – which is Hull’s last surviving sidewinder trawler and a key part of its maritime heritage.  The trawler will be relocated to the dock office row site as part of a new visitor attraction, to include some landscaping work, seating provision. This will improve conveyance in the downstream section of the river Hull, and will also contribute towards its long term preservation. This will also provide another asset to support Hull’s visitor economy, and capitalise on its rich heritage as an historic maritime city

PA6 Funding is being sought for the following (this is subject to a separate application) -

  • 5 interpretation boards along the riverside path
  • 10 fishing access points along the riverside area
  • in river habitat improvements upstream of Drypool bridge to develop marginal vegetation and provide habitat for eels and other spawning fish – 250 metres of modifications

Target beneficiaries

  • 76,000 residential properties locate
  • 9,000 businesses located along the river corridor, in the city centre and within the Heartlands / Clough Road employment area of Hull
  • 2 strategic sites for redevelopment, located at Tower Street and Dock Office Row
  • 3.1 hectares of land to be released leading to economic and recreational growth benefits, and local investment
  • 6 enterprise zones in the Hull City centre area

Project location

  • the River Hull in Kingston upon Hull, between the tidal barrier near the Humber Estuary and Dock Office Row, although this project has the potential for many phases opening up further stretches of the river. It is anticipated that this scheme will form an exemplar of what can be achieved by making this type of integrated investment, and that this will support business cases for the private sector to invest in future phases, where the opportunities exist
  • this area is located entirely within the City of Kingston upon Hull and the Humber LEP and is identified in the European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme as a priority area for PA5 spending