We do not allow the use of A-Boards, including other similar forms of advertisements for example -

  • board sleeves
  • banner flags
  • mannequins

on the public highway as these can -

  • cause an obstruction of the highway
  • pose a hazard to pedestrians
  • damage street furniture
  • block or restrict access and passage for maintenance of the street scene

It is important to ensure pedestrians and highway users can easily travel around the city and advertisements do not pose unnecessary trip hazards or obstruct customers and visitors, in particular -

  • the visually impaired
  • wheelchair-users
  • the less mobile
  • those with -
    • prams
    • buggies
    • mobility scooters

Action against unlawful A-boards

We will respond to any information provided in confidence and will investigate reports and contact those responsible for any unlawful advertisements.

If any fail to be removed following an initial warning having been issued, these may be removed. 

Enforcement action will be taken against any business who benefits through the publicity of

  • goods
  • trade
  • or other concerns

in one or more of the following forms -

  • removal and seizure of any advertisements – subject to the payment of charges for the
    • removal
    • storage
    • and if unclaimed disposal 
  • decision to serve a fixed penalty 
  • prosecution

Removal of advertisements

If any A-board is deemed to be causing an unlawful obstruction of the highway, or we are unable to establish the person who displayed, or who is benefiting from any advertisement this will be immediately removed without notice and destroyed.

Report A-boards

If you wish to report any advertisements in the form of A-boards you think are being unlawfully displayed, please email Network.Management@hullcc.gov.uk.