Burning of commercial or industrial waste

Burning business waste is illegal and its -

  • deposit
  • storage
  • treatment
  • disposal
  • recovery

is strictly controlled by law.

Problems caused by businesses burning waste include -

  • release of -
    • harmful fumes
    • odours
    • nuisance smoke
  • increase air pollution
  • unpleasant smells
  • harmful health effects, for example -
    • they pose a risk to children and vulnerable persons with asthma
    • bronchitis
    • heart conditions
  • nuisance to local communities
  • reduce visibility posing a risk to road safety
  • pollution of the environment and harm to wildlife
  • fire safety risks for example increased risks of damage to property and to life

The only exception is under an environmental permit, or exemption which has been authorised by the Environment Agency.

If you wish to get more information, contact the Environment Agency by calling 03708 506 506.