Domestic noise nuisance

You can report a noise problem online.

Your complaint will remain confidential. We will not release your personal details.

Council property noise

If you are reporting noise from a council property, this needs to be reported as antisocial behaviour.

Types of noise

Examples of domestic noise we can investigate are – 

  • barking dogs and other types of animals such as -
    • parrots
    • chickens
    • cockerels
  • behavioural noise (for example shouting from the flat above)

DIY noise

Types of DIY such as painting and wallpapering can be carried out outside of the hours 8am and 9pm.

It is generally accepted that noisy DIY should be carried out between 8am and 9pm, this includes -

  • hammering
  • drilling
  • sawing

Other types of noise

  • loud music, including noise from parties
  • misfiring alarms from a house or motor vehicle. Contact 01482 300 300 to report misfiring alarms
  • raised voices
  • noise in the street or highway. People shouting in the street should be reported to the antisocial behaviour team

Out of hours noise

We respond to the following calls out of hours -

  • registered ongoing noise investigations
  • first time complaints of an urgent nature, for example -
    • intruder alarms from domestic and commercial premises
    • vehicle alarms

Call us on 01482 300 300 to report noise out of hours.

Noise problems we cannot investigate

Examples of domestic noise problems we cannot investigate -

  • traffic moving or temporarily stationary in the street
  • aircraft. This does not include model aircraft
  • demonstrations
  • noise from children playing
  • noise from banging doors

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