Provide footage of environmental crime

Tell Dave is a campaign launched to encourage the reporting of persons responsible for environmental offences caught on camera.

You may think environmental offences only take place at night. This is not entirely true and is just as likely to be captured during the day whilst –

  • driving home
  • picking up the kids from school
  • heading to work
  • on CCTV installed on your property.
  • If you have footage of an environmental crime, whether this be -
    • fly tipping captured on your car dash cam or CCTV
    • littering from a vehicle caught on the handle bar or helmet cams from motorcycle or bicycle
    • a waste carrier of your car dash cam or visiting your property offering to remove and dispose of waste on the cheap on your door bell or private CCTV

Report this to us by calling 01482 300 300 or online using the appropriate reporting form -

Footage and how its used

Footage obtained can provide a valuable form of evidence for any enforcement action undertaken. It might be used in court. 

If you have any footage relating to an offence, we may need you to provide a witness statement. This will enable us to use what you have captured to take enforcement action.

If this is required we will always discuss this with you first, before taking any action.

Keep any photos, dashcam, mobile video or CCTV footage of anything you wish to report to us safe until you are asked to provide this to an enforcement officer.

Witness statements and why they are required

A statement is usually required to enable us to use video evidence where it shows an offence having taken place, for example -

  • the driver of a vehicle littering
  • fly tipping
  • transporting scrap metal

This document is used to confirm the date, time and location of the offence being reported. It is also used to confirm it is a true and accurate recording and has not been manipulated or enhanced. Once this has been obtained, an enforcement officer will carry out further investigations and provide updates about any progress taken.

If you tell us you don’t wish to provide a statement, this may prevent us from taking enforcement action, or limit the action we can take. We might only be able to educate the persons involved to avoid behaviour of a similar nature in future.

Make sure your recording device is set up correctly

Always make sure your device has the correct time and date and it’s fitted in a safe position. If your device is placed in a vehicle, you should ensure this does not obstruct your field of vision.


We may use any footage provided in order to prosecute criminal offences, or deliver public tasks.  

In some circumstances there may be a risk that you may be identified as the source of footage provided. If any footage provided is found to contain serious criminal activity, a decision may be taken to share this with Humberside Police in line with our privacy policy.